Whale Watching in Rocky Point!

Among the myriad of visitors that make their way to the shores of Puerto Peñasco each year are our wintry whales, which can often be spotted in the area from the early part of the year to around mid-March.  In fact, did you know that last year Puerto Peñasco actually became the first official destination in Sonora recognized for whale-watching activities by the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources?  The 2020 whale-watching season in this part of the Sea of Cortez is officially from Jan. 1st through April 30th, though frequently these majestic mammals take their leave around mid-March in search of colder water once more, so don’t let this opportunity slip you by!

Whales spotted most frequently in our area consist of the fin whale, which can reach up to lengths of over 20 meters making it the second largest whale in the world, and humpback whales, which are the fifth largest!

Be sure to book your luxury stay with us, and get on board a whale-watching cruise while they’re still here!