Sea turtle sensation in Puerto Peñasco!

Sea turtles caused quite a sensation in Puerto Peñasco this year! In what was certainly unprecedented for Puerto Peñasco, at the end of September within a span of 24 hours six sea turtles laid their eggs along the area of Sandy Beach, including one within the vicinity of Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort!

Security guards from Las Palomas were key in helping to spot a turtle nesting near Las Palomas, as well as to rope of the area until the eggs could be removed and relocated to artificial incubation under the care of Biologist Itzel Carolina Cardenas of the Vidanta Group, following approval of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) authorities. Cardenas then monitored the turtle eggs during the 6-8 week gestation period. With support of the Federal Maritime Zone (ZOFEMAT), PROFEPA, and the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO), Cardenas returned to Las Palomas 8 weeks later with the hatched baby turtles so they could find their way to the sea!

Amazingly enough, 724 sea turtle eggs were collected along the beaches of Puerto Peñasco in 2017, leading to nearly 400 baby turtles released back into the Sea of Cortez!

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