Puerto Peñasco warmly welcomes AZ-Mexico Commission

The Annual Sonora-Arizona and Arizona-Mexico Commission drew a record number of over 700 attendees to the two-day conference, held Nov. 30th-Dec. 1st in Puerto Peñasco. The conference, which included roundtable meetings of the Commission’s 13 committees, was enriched with the presence of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano for the Plenary Session on the second day. Together the Governors signed three Memorandums of Understanding, two of which strengthen joint educational activities encompassing scholarships and academic exchanges, including a relationship between Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the Technological University of Hermosillo (UTH), and a third concerning the border crossing between Lukeville, AZ and Sonoyta, Sonora, which encompasses a Safe Corridor extending from Lukeville to Puerto Peñasco.

The Commission also emphasized approved federal funds of 250 million pesos (about 13 million USD) for renewed work on the Puerto Peñasco cruise ship Home Port. Federal Economy Ministry delegate Luis Núñez Noriega stated this will encourage development of not solely Puerto Peñasco, but rather the entire region. Deputy Secretary of Tourism Planning and Policy for the Ministry of Tourism, María Teresa Solíz Trejo, similarly stressed the positive outlook for new investment in the Puerto Peñasco cruise ship Home Port. She highlighted Puerto Peñasco has been added to the list of priority destinations for the country, ranking in at 45th, which will allow for coordinated efforts in addressing challenges. She emphasized the Arizona-Sonora relationship is a tremendous opportunity for Puerto Peñasco in developing tourism not solely for the sun and sand, but also in areas of health tourism, conferences, and eventually cruise goers.

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