Esperanza para Los Niños (Kids’ Hope Children’s Home) was incorporated on February 27th, 1991, arising from the vision of a group concerned with the difficult living situation of a number of families, and challenges from factors such as unemployment or drug use. The Children’s Home was created to provide support for these parents, or family members, and later reunite families wherever possible. Currently, Esperanza para los Niños is home to 23 children who have been channeled through various institutions, including the local DIF (Office on Integral Family Development).
The Esperanza para los Niños Casa Hogar is located 24 km out of Puerto Peñasco, at KM 24 Carretera Peñasco-Sonoyta, Colonia Ejido Lopez Aceves, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora 83550.

Tax ID # (RFC):  ENC9102271M2
Email: esperanza631@hotmail.com
Facebook page: Esperanza para los Ñiños

To offer love, attention, and protection to kids in need while providing food, clothing, medical attention, and schooling in nurturing the growth of both morally and physically able individuals.

Recognition of our home given our services, capabilities, and contribution to the children’s well-being and development.

Boys and girls ranging in age from 0 – 12 years old from Puerto Peñasco that come from low-income families, or find themselves homeless. We also provide care for teens who themselves have grown up at the Children’s Home, and who now collaborate with staff and support several of the home’s needs.

There are three main areas of focus for the children and teens at the home: Assistance, Health, and Human Development. Each of these is supported by programs with activities in the Casa Hogar.

This area consists of the following programs: shelter, food, clothing, and medical attention.

This area encompasses the following: psychological, third level of medical attention.

Human Development
This area consists of: academic education, special education, activities, and sports.


Among the Special Projects at the home:

Kitchen area: changing out gas appliances for electrical kitchen equipment.

Laundry: replacement of gas dryers with electric, replacement of washer.

Transportation: We presently face a lack in meeting transportation needs in getting children and teens back and forth to school. We require a larger vehicle, in better condition than our present van, and that is more fuel-efficient.

Yearly costs of the organization are (in Pesos):
Assistance expenses $970,000
Administrative expenses $200,000
Transportation expenses $170,000
Maintenance expenses $120,000

Assistance expenses cover: food, electricity, gas, schooling, medical, phone, laundry and bonuses for assistants and collaborators.

Administrative expenses cover: assistant bonuses administrative costs, private meeting assistance, phone, internet, advertising, office supplies.

Transportation expenses cover: gasoline, oil-changes, repairs and maintenance, vehicle insurance, tires, license plates, etc.